Why Us

The Best Cleaning

ALL CLEANING COMPANIES ARE NOT THE SAME! With over 20 years of commercial cleaning experience, periodic facility inspections and long term employees, guarantee the highest quality cleaning possible. CleanPro specializes in Office, Laboratory, Medical, Dental, and Warehouse facilities.

Free Annual Carpet Cleaning

Take advantage of this offer and save thousands. Carpets act as giant filters
that capture germs and bacteria. Facilities with carpet have less employee absenteeism due to illness. These carpets become saturated and must be cleaned at least annually. The hot-water extraction method used by CleanPro removes germs and bacteria up to 99% and keeps them clean and fresh smelling.

Great Low Prices

NO PRICE INCREASE FOR THREE YEARS. CleanPro will meet or beat any other company’s price.We will save you money.

10 % Off First Month’s Cleaning

Sign with CleanPro and not only receive all the great features offered but save 10% off the first month’s cleaning.

Full Service

We do it all. General cleaning, carpet cleaning, hard floor strip and wax and window cleaning.

Back Up Bids

A back up bid from CleanPro is essential to your facility. If your present cleaning company fails to live up to expectations, moves away or goes out of business, you can have a CleanPro bid already in place. We will honor our bid for 8 months and will be able to perform a seamless stress free transition the same week.

Environmentally Safe

Cleaning products used by Progreen are EPA certified. Our products are safe for the environment and your employees. There will be no toxic odors or residues awaiting your staff the next morning. Your work place will be clean and fresh smelling.

Long Term Staff

Most of our staff have been with us for years. 60% Veterans. You will probably have the same cleaners for the life of the contract.