Commercial Cleaning

When you choose CleanPro as your commercial cleaning service, you will immediately notice a dramatic difference in the appearance of your facility. From the very first day you will notice a much higher level of personal care and attention to detail. This is because at CleanPro, we understand that the appearance of your facility reflects the professionalism of your company. Through our constant research and development of the latest and newest cleaning techniques and janitorial products, CleanPro is able to offer its customers the very best in commercial cleaning.

You can reduce employee sick days by making sure your cleaners are using a hospital grade disinfectant to clean the bathrooms. At CleanPro we use the strongest hospital grade disinfectant available (Environex 117) to clean bathroom faucets, doors, partitions and porcelain.

At CleanPro we also disinfect office phone receivers,  door knobs and break room faucets and counter tops. When finished, your facility will be 99% germ free.

CleanPro insures a consistently high level of cleaning professionalism by conducting random inspections of your facility. We inspect facilities weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. This is how we stay on top of things and give you the care and quality you demand.

Reasonable Prices

CleanPro offers you a history of outstanding service and reasonable prices. While others may claim to be as good, CleanPro has the local, high-praise referrals to back up its claims.

High Quality

Selecting a janitorial cleaning service for your facility is an important decision. Finding a high quality commercial cleaning service is difficult and never taken lightly by managers. CleanPro is the cleaning service quality conscious managers have been searching for.


Carpet Cleaning

When an employee gets sick, it can disrupt the entire office. No one likes to get sick but what can we do about it?

One often overlooked item you can use to reduce sick days is the office carpet. A little known fact about carpet is that it acts like a giant germ filter. It captures dust, dirt, germs, pollen, dust mites, their waste and the bacteria that feed on it. Government studies have shown that in buildings without carpet, people get sick four times more often.

Like any filter, your carpets become saturated, clogged and ineffective over time. Even vacuuming every day will not remove the embedded bacteria.

The EPA found that professional carpet cleaning actually gets carpet 1500 percent cleaner than even vacuuming every day. The hot water extraction machines used by professional carpet cleaners kill the germs and bacteria that build up in your office carpet.

At CleanPro, we use hot water extraction at 100 pounds per square inch of water pressure to get your carpets as clean and germ free as they can possibly be. And, CleanPro will clean your carpets annually FOR FREE.


Floor Waxing

At CleanPro, our staff have been stripping and waxing floors for years. They have attended many seminars and are well versed on all the most modern techniques to make your floors look great.

The polomers used by CleanPro are above EPA standards for environmental freindlyness. Our waxes are modern, rapid drying varieties. This means your floors are finished in hours instead of days. Each coat of our product dries in 10-20 minutes instead of 2-3 hours and dries to a super hard finish.

You get the great looking floors with less down time for your facility.